OCR component is stopping app automatically

Describe your issue

When I use OCR compinent on compiling the app is crashing.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Add the OCR and (maybe) add a valid api key

Expected Behaviour

The app should launch

Actual Behaviour

The app crashes

Show your Blocks

No blocks

Android version

8.1.0 Oreo on Nokia 5, tested on 7.0.0 Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, Android x86 7.1.2

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I can NOT confirm this issue…
I tried it 2 minutes ago and have no problem.

Send here your apk.

AutoDoms (0.3.5 alpha).apk (6,0 Mo)

When I remove the OCR components it works perfectly

Show your complete aia.
There must be any error in it.
And as I said before:
I testet the ocr component and it is working perfect.

Olá, eu meu aplicativo também para com o componente OCR, sendo que isso acontece quando defino o idioma para português, quando não defino nenhum idioma continuo recebendo o erro “No perr certificate” como acontecia nas versões anteriores.

Please write in english.
I dont understand any word you wrote.

Hello, my application also for the OCR component, this happens when I set the language to Portuguese, when I do not define any language I still receive the error “No perr certificate” as it happened in previous versions.

By Google Translate

I prefer to not publish my AIA, but if you think that’s is a code error, I’ll change it, and I will tell you if it’s working.
Thanks again !

If you dont want to make it public then you can send it private.