OCR Component Not working on some part

when i try to use ocr component 1 day ago… it was working ok… but now its not working completely.

when i use Return only message option, it worked before but now it does not.

below are the results from response content from ocr, it will be a great help.


without Return Only Message

with Return Only Message

and the image i use for ocr test is this -

and the blocks are -

Have you looked at the pictures that you have send?
There is the message like:
“The DOM, the html syntax, and the XHTML…”

As you can see the scan result is not the text from the image that you used…
Try it with a other picture.

sorry sir, my bad… i had uploaded a wrong image… now i have edited my post… kindly view again…

I know what’s wrong. It looks for me that the provider changed some respones from the OCR service…
You have to wait until I fix that.

Thanks to OCR space api… :smiley: NOT

Bad news again they changed too something on the server status…
USA should not work current in the component…

Good. I have some new work :smiley:

ok sir, i’ll wait for your response… thank you for clearing my doubt… :sweat_smile:

any news about the OCR component, Mr. @Mika

It is fixed for the next big update.
All is working for me again. So I hope that it works for you all too when we release it.

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I am also facing the same problem with ocr

Read above answers.

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only one thing… why OCR response displays ‘\r\n’ with other text…

\r\n means new line right. but when i set the response content to a label text is shows the result perfectly but instead of going to new line it just displays “\r\n”,

and i also thought i can work around with that by replacing the \r\n with white space or “
” but its not working can you pls help me here …