OCR Extension for every builder available

The first and initial version of my OCR extension was released in february this year.
Now it’s time for the first official forum post.

Thanks to ocr.space for this great service.
You can find here more informations about the provider and how to get your own api key for FREE:

Today I have released Version 5 of my extension.

Below you will see what the extension can do for you:

And now a example of how to use all these great properties:

This extension is a full component in makeroid.io
but for every builder that is based on App Inventor available.

This extension works only as apk and not in companion or else.

You like what you see? Now download it and test it by yourself.

Download Ocr Extension
Download Ocr example apk
Download Ocr example aia

You all can find the same post in thunkable forum too.

The members and users of makeroid don’t have to use this extension since it’s a full component in our builder.
But you can take it too as example and how to use this component.

The new properties like “Return Only Message” will be available for our component in our next release.

Ps. We never sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


I can´t compile the AIA due to an error. Any help?

Without to see what you try we can not help you.
First show us please what you try.
And btw I saw your post in thunkable… In makeroid you have not to use the ocr extension.
The ocr extension is in our builder a full component.

Thank you! After downloading the AIA from your blog I got to compile the app. Thank you for answering.

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this method is not working for me… replacing \r\n with
does nothing in my apk.

blocks i used is similar to your example


and the image i used to upload is -

please correct me if i am doing something wrong.

i asked this question on another post but didnt get any answer - https://community.makeroid.io/t/ocr-component-not-working-on-some-part/8681/11?u=vgaire007

Maybe it’s because, the \r\n isnt visible.

its visible when i set the response content to a label.

the result is printed as - This is a test \r\nmessage for \r\nOCR Scanner

i tried replacing the text with
but it didn’t work

It not work for me

What can i do with that there is no desciption for that only how to use it.

I dont know what is should be. For what do we need that? What is the useage of that. Image as Json ???


Is this OCR extension being actively developed?


No because I integrated this extension as build in component.

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Hi mika need a favor from Your Side…

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