[OFFER] - Add any Offerwall/Survey in Kodular App


We have developers who are experienced specifically in Postbacks and Offerwalls. We can add any offerwall and survey in a Kodular App, including - Offertoro, AdGate, Adscend, Monlix, AyeTStudios, Iron Source, Fyber, Adgem, Bitlabs, inBrain, CPXResearch, Wannads, Theoremreach, HangMyAds, Tapjoy and much more

Integration method - Using API to get all offers, and display then in iframe. It’s a webview approach


  • You need to have approved account from the brands
  • You need MySQL Database, we only work with MySQL

Pricing: Costs 250$ Per Offerwall/Survey, which includes full package with the Offerwall API Script, Postback, Testing
Frontend integration is very simple, we will just show you the blocks to make it yourself

If anyone interested, DM me

Very cheap, anyone can afford it



If you have a fully functional offerwall and a nice userbase, you will earn even more than 250$ per day. 250$ is like the cheapest possible price

Hello my friend, where can I contact you about this issue?

DM me your Whatsapp/Telegram