[Official] Tech CVR - Get Free AIA and AIX files


(Vishal) #1

In this app you will get all my latest projects AIA before anyone else.

i have stored all the best and useful AIX collection too, you can download the extension from its original source.

Please give your opinion to improve this app if you like it.

and if you want you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to learn from Tutorial Videos

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(Nikhil27B YT) #2

Nice App and thanks for aia

(Deep Host) #3

Dashboard UI is awesome ! good job


Did you ask permission of the developers of the extensions to add them in your app this way?

(Nikhil27B YT) #5

I think he will be give credits later


It doesnt work that way. He has to ask permission to invlude them as a download. Or has he linked them in his app?

(Nikhil27B YT) #7

Okk thanks for this information​:blush:

(Vishal) #8

i am not allowing user to download extension directly from this app, here i only redirect users to its original source website where the owner posted the extension for download.

so i think in this way i don’t have to ask permission,

And it will be great if you suggest something which i can do to make this work without any issue in future.


I didn’t unlist this topic because i thought that you maybe linked to the original website to get them there. Linking directly to the aix files wouldn’t be allowed. Nice work.



First, Cogratulations for your app.

I downloaded your app and want to tell you something

  1. For some extensions links like ColinTree ListView, Scroll arrangement handlers, AdvancedLocationSensor, etc the zooming is not proper (especially for AdvancedLocationSensor) and we cannot Zoom In and Zoom Out also.

(Vishal) #11

Thanks for reporting the issue

i don’t get it… can you pls explain some more about this…


For AdvancedLocationSensor Extension, the google group link open in Google tab like this :point_down:

For above images, as you can see the data is not fully displayed and we have to scroll sideways to read the whole data as Zoom IN and Zoom OUT are also not available

Now for ColinTree Listview its something like this :point_down: (See the marked portion)

Above as you can see it is not properly visible and also we cannot scroll sideways here. Zoom function not available

I don’t know if this is default bug or its a problem on your side. Good luck for finding the solution :slight_smile:

(Vishal) #13

the selected website you showed are not mobile responsive thats why it looks like that.
you can enable desktop site in chrome custom tab and then pinch in or out to use zoom functions


I doubted that already

Thanks for clarification! :slight_smile:

(Deepanshu Arya) #15

Your cards do not show picture or text

Android 4.4.4 kitkat

Secondly bro you are not following YouTube guidelines for using there logo. Pay a visit here Brand Resources - YouTube

(Vishal) #16

edit: i think the min api for this app is 19 which is Android 4.4.4

and i didn’t use any logo image, the logo i have used in this app is from fontawesome.

(Deepanshu Arya) #17

Just wanted to share good knowledge with you

(Vishal) #18

Thanks for sharing,