Offline photo to be displayed in list view image and text

I am creating an app which has a list of item with images.

The list of items is stored in an excel sheet.I am able to get the item list and display it on my app using list view image and text.

The images of item 300+ are in a folder which I have saved on my phone.

I am unable to fetch and display the photos on the list view image and text layout.

  1. cannot put the images in asset folder as the size of the asset folder is limited.
  2. I want this app to be completely offline so no option of external database.

Any solution?

But you already using one! Don’t you?

The excel sheet is on phone. . .I can access it offline laso

This might help:

Use Async image loader extension…by this extention u can save images in specif location of internl storage as cache images… And in return u can get every cache image url/location and then save these file locations in a variable as list…