Oh No.. Your ads are coming non skippable more then 30 seconds?

Dear Kodular, we understand that in this platform your earning is depend on our App Ads.
But you do understand that if Ads will be non skippable and even upto 30 seconds, then our App users are become irritate and give us lower Rating.
And another question is that as I am seeing one of my Mobile phone having Android 8.0, No Facebook ads are showing, therefore, the Kodular’s UNITY Ads are showing each time instead of our Ads.
Please check and provide solution for this as mentioned in the title above


Our Unity Ads are configured to be allowed to be skipped after 4-5 seconds of starting


I’ll test this after coming back home
@Kodular can someone else check it?

cross check you ad implementation.
or send SS or block part

Yes when ads is showing, in the top left side, a button is showing which is allowing to skip the ad, but it is not working (closing) when we do press; back button like Admob Ads.

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I think Facebook ad will work only after published to playstore, if not published test your integration from monetization manager.

I have already done everything, you may test this App, instead of Facebook Ads, it’s only showing the Kodular’s Ad (Unity Video Ads) each time (I have putted FB interstitial Ad when back pressed at the final result/arrangement of this App). Initially it was okey with Admob + AppyBuilder.
App Link (Updated Version code 8): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.odiagk.app

Therefore Facebook is only showing Requesting Ads:


Please check @KodularCreator @Diego

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Yes even i tested your app.

All ads are from Unity :joy::hushed:


Yes, many users irratate from unity ads