On Clicking the Sign Up button on the Sign Up Screen, I am getting error

I did blocking for my Sign Up screen on my app. Even though everything seems to be okay in the “then” part, I am still getting the error message, that is in the "else"condition.
I am attaching the pictures of my blocks.
Kindly check and help me.

Sorry, I didn’t get you. I think you didn’t look closely.

Uhhh, Actually I don’t have laptop so I can’t send you the right blocks. Till then wait for others.

Still waiting for a soution.

I think that block is correct. Because the else conditions are the ones that give you the error. And if I will change the “not equals to” sign to “equals to” sign, then the blank textboxes will also get accepted.

If the textbox text is equal to blank then error must occur. But in your block it set as when textbox is not empty.

“If” the textboxes are not empty, “then” I have given the condition to store the values in different buckets in Firebase, “else” give the error messages.

Somebody help.

Trie replace
length > MobileNo_Text . Text
MobileNo_Text . Text Lenght

I tried. It gives the error “Invalid Mobile Number”.

Replace text 10 with math 10

Still the same.

I’m test and this work for me
blocks (5)

It shows the previous error again, i.e. “Mobile Number Already Registered”

Ok. Then what do you want when the length is 10.

You problem was solved.
Look messages
I tried. It gives the error “Invalid Mobile Number”.
after changes
It shows the previous error again, i.e. “Mobile Number Already Registered”

Kindly go through both the blocks. After all the conditions are met after clicking the “Sign Up” Button". I want the “Firebase” to Get value.
When Firebase has got the value, and if it is not blank, then I want Firebase to store the entered values.

Yes, I don’t want any error to show up. That is my main problem. Kindly help me to fix it.

Clear all the data in firebase and try again.

Look firebase the user is already registered !!
I don’t understand which it is the problem now ?

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