On firebase rules and block layout

Hello, I need a guide about firebase rules and code blocks. I don’t know how to make an order in Firebase rules where the admin can write and read, and the users can only write and read under their own information. Even though I have the Firebase rules right, we are getting an error in the block part and cannot go beyond the login and registration screen. Please help me if there is a detailed guide.

admin: can write anywhere

users: can write under their own titles, but must be able to read what everyone else writes.

(I shouldn’t get firebase permission error on sign up screen.)

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“rules” : {
“users” : {
“$user_id” : {
“.read” : “auth.uid == $user_id”,
“.write” : “auth.uid == $user_id”
“challenges” : {
“.read” : true,
“.write” : false
I’m getting this error before I hit the login with google button yet. Let’s register first.

Read and Write only to a User's Area
This provides an authenticated user access to just their own content. They can read and write in their own protected area, again using the "uid" as the marker for their data


  "rules": {

    "<ProjectBucket>": {

       "$uid": {

         ".read": "$uid === auth.uid",

         ".write": "$uid === auth.uid"





I did everything as here but still getting firebase permission error.