On playconsol i get red warning

GCP API Key Leak
Your app contains a compromised Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API Key. Please read this Google Help Center article for more details.


i use firebase aunth , storage and one signal


As it states, your Api keys are being leaked in your app, try to obfuscate them


I have the same problem, how to obfuscate?
Knowing that I don’t have API in my APP.

What does this mean? You’re not using the GCP API and still gets that warning?

@iberlucio_santos @dewi Pretty simple!

Please send me the print of these blocks.

I expressed myself badly, I’m using CGP API.

Hi Asim Jib, how are you?
I did as you instructed, taking the DESIGNER data, but another API error appeared “GCP API keys leak: DLNNoticias.menu.menu$Initialize.”

See the attached images.

Do follow the below blocks!

  1. Keep all the property values blank in designer part.

2. Then set values in blocks part with a security layer over them.

Hope it helps.

I did as instructed again, I generated the APK, I did the test, the news is loaded and the images are also loaded, however the error message appears according to the attachment. Please note that this message is not preventing the APK from running.

I’m waiting for the PLAY STORE to return.

The blocks I’ve provided are intended to solve an issue google play throw back while publishing app. A screenshot of the error message has been attached below.

So if you’re trying to publish your app in Google Play, you can try this method to solve the problem. The screensht you’ve added, clearly states that the firebase URL that you’ve specified is not a valid one.

How can the url be wrong, but access the data and present the news?

Check the blocks. There could be other operation failing to perform.

I redid the settings, cleared the “DESIGNER”, but the API error continues, I have no more options to solve this problem.

Don’t remove default firebase url and token just change from blocks then error will not display

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Works fine for me.

Just restore default as shown on the attached picture and the error will not display