Onboarding Screen feature creation help


Or have you nothing 0%?


:smile: then, have a look to this guide by @Peter:

You can use arrangement to show pictures.
On arrangement 1 you set progress on first dot.
On arrangement 2 you set progress on second dot.
On arrangement 3 you set progress on three dot.

And button on each arrangement to show next arrangement.
When user press button on last arrangement store some values on TinyDB

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If you need more help uptoad aia file and see that I can do for you.
Only some arrangements so that one sees well

If it’s a private project, make a dummy .AIA or if you trust him, PM him directly.

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Sorry I was afk. Ummm I will get back to you. Gonna try myself first :stuck_out_tongue:

This should be done before asking a question here. :unamused:

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I kwon that !!!
Can upload only with need to show. Without any password of firebase or another component.
Many user upload your proyect or how to … on aia file

I always do man. The problem was didn’t know if it was a progress bar or not but people can be dumb once in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahaha I dont have trust issues. And there is nothing to hide. I haven’t tried yet. I always try to search for examples before I try something so that I can improve more from the example.


Or not see?

But then,


Why not search on this forum first ?

Already replied that.

First try, then try, then try.

Then, fail.

Then, search.

THEN ask on the Com.

This is the rule.


Actually I tried but stopped when I couldn’t figure out which component to use. And cleaned everything.

Ok, let’s end this here. Let’s talk about the real work. So, did you see the guide by @Peter?


@Yoshi is right, you need to learn some rules of this forum.


Actually I am bit confused with the guide. But I got this one

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