Onboarding Screen feature creation help

Hello Kodars, sup?!
I wanted to know if anyone of you created onboarding screen on your app. So I could get some tips and tricks. I am not new to the community but there is many things to explore.

I wanted to do onboarding screen like this (check attachment) and couldn’t figure out how to show that after install only. And also the progessbar (Screen number with dots) how to sync that with the slides.

Help I need with -

  1. Components suggestion to do Onboarding Screen. (Example if possible). [Need Solution]

  2. How to show only after Install. [Solved]
    Solution :

Hi, a5artilary you can use TinyDB to do that.
On first start app check TinyDB if the value is empty show onboarding screen and store some value on TinyDB.
On second start app check TinyDB if the value is not empty and go to another screen or show you needs to show.


Thank you <3 . I had that in mind. You know knowing more won’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue: .


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i’m happy to help you !!!

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Can I assign Two solution at one post?

No, you can’t but why do you want? The post deals with your problem, nothing else. So mark @bestprintsf’s one as solution. :white_check_mark:

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@Yoshi answered your question.
You problem be solved, nothing more to say

Ikr. I don’t wanna be a jerk but main solution would be No (1)'s solution on my post:

Oh you mean you solved it yourself and @bestprintsf should not get the solution? Well, idk. This should be answered by @bestprintsf himself.

What you need ??
You need block to do that ??
i can give time

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Did you read my post? :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Not block actually. I need the dot type progressbar
which syncs with the slides and I can’t figure it out.

wdym with that. Explain further please… we are no :mage: :mage:

Check the main screenshot I provided. The progessbar (3 dots) when It is in the first slide first dot is highlighted and others aren’t. Same goes with other slides.

But is this all in one screen? If so, you will just have a variable to change with every slide and then do it. But if it is on different screens, you have to use TinyDB, as mentioned by @bestprintsf. Best idea now: show us your blocks what you have already tried.

What ???
Progressbar !!! come on guys !!!
Is easy to do that

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Yes all in one screen.

Can’t figure out how to use the dot progressbar. Thats why asked components suggestion. :no_mouth:

As I said there is many things to explore and nothing comes with instructions :pensive:

I would use the state PB. But never used it, so don’t know if that works or not.