Once I imported .aia from another App creator, the changes i have done using Kodular don't display

Hi everyone and thank for what you are doing here, it’s great.
I recently importend my app from App Inventor to Kodular, everything went just fine.
With Kodular I added some features to the existing .aia like: some .jpg for some buttons from the designer, i changed the name of the app, i modified some propriertis in Screen 1 and added AdMob.
Using the TEST with companion everything works and graphics are even better than the App Inventor, i couldn’t believe it looked so beautiful. Everything works correctly.

After some coding i decided to download the app from QR CODE to my phone and, guess what, every changes disappeared: no jpg button, no Screen name, no AdMobs, even the name of the App it’s the same of App Inventor like before.
It just looks like Kodular ignores my changes and keep on making me download the old .aia imported from App Inventor.

How can I keep the changes i’ve done so far?
Thank you in advance.

As this should not happen, are you sure you are opening the right app, I mean that you are probably still opening the app that you made in App Inventor

I tried everything and it still happens sometimes. At least not always.

I solved the problem just saving the project before exporting it.
Apparently the auto-save itself doesn’t work with me.

Thank you for your help, i’ll try again tomorrow and will let you know!