One More Tournament App

FourFox Gaming

It is just like other Tournament Apps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


BETA .apk FourFox Gaming.apk - Google Drive

( I Don’t Know How Others Share Direct Download Links. )

.aia File PRICE - Smallest Currency in Circulation Of Your Country. You can also get it for Free. ( PM me for any of the Two Cases )

Pros Of This Application -

  • 100% Dynamic So, Anyone can Create Any Number of Matches at a Time.
  • Modern UI
  • Professional UI
    Probably some more…

Cons Of This Application -

  • Loading Time Increases with Increase in Created Matches at a Time.
  • Currently No Admin Application. Need to Crontrol the Application from AirTable.
  • Not Completed the UI of Profile Page.
  • Few Minor BUGs.
    And Many More…

In Next Update

  • Option for Unregistering Matches.
  • Private Room ID’s.
  • Improved and Functional Profile Page.
  • Page for YouTube Streams.
  • Changes in UI and UX.
  • Many New Bugs.


To Respected Owners of the Following Extensions which i Used in My Project -

  • DynamicComponents by yusufcihan
  • DevYBImageLoader by DevYB
  • LeoProileView by DeveloperLeo
  • listPermission by jarlissonlira2
  • FloatingView by jarlissonlira2
  • FontArt by Ken

Maayur for his 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension Guide
( Actually the whole Project i made is just for Learning Purpose, I wanted to Learn Using yusufcihan DynamicComponent Extension and Maayur’s Guide Helped me. ( There Is No Other Intension For This Project Apart From Learning )

Community and Community Members.


Thanks for using the guide, glad it helped you :blush::grin:

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Nice ui.but is it legal to create an tournament app?:thinking:

I don’t know much about it’s Legality. But as i stated above it’s not going to be Commercial, it was just for Learning Dynamic Components.

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Great job @ADDYLIN Nice Ui

Nice UI :love_you_gesture:t3:


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