One screen item to another screen

I am making a company app. I want that the employee that has filled his details(like name ,address ,etc. ) on screen1 have to show at screen2 in my profile option.

In simple words if I have written something at screen1 than how can I see it at screen2?

Is it possible???

You can use TinyDB to store the data and retrieve it on screen2.

Use this block to send the data from one screen to another screen.

Something like this


You can also try by TinyDB Method as below :point_down:


blocks (40)


blocks (42)

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I am not understanding completely so I have maked an demo app so can anyone make changes in that AIA project so I can understand clearly. In it the text written at screen1 in project will show at screen2
Xyz.aia (2.3 KB)

Check Now :point_down:

Xyz.aia (3.4 KB)

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In Screen1, checks if textboxes are empty

In Screen2

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Thank you very much

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