One side menu in all screens

How to open side menu in all screens?

I have an app with 8 screens. In this i have added side menu in screen1. Can i call the same side menu from all screens?


It is not what i need. Its about removing side menu.

I want to open screen1 side menu in all screens.

I guess you didn’t read all the text. Its about displaying menus on different screens. What did you test with the sidemenu? If you would make not 8 screens but 8 vertical arrangements and set visibility you could use the same sidemenu.

It means i hace to creat 8 side menus for 8 scrrens seperately?

Have you tried if it works with more then one screen?

No i dont have tried it.

Why not? Thats the fun of any programming language. Try and learn.


I have tried it and it dosent work, at least the swipe for menu feature

Well then you have to make a menu for every screen or you have to work with arrangements instead of screens. Then you can use one menu.

not possible one side menu in all screen you need to create side menu in each screen or you can make your app in one screen with many arrangemnt.

if you want to create same side menu in all screen then add blocks in bagpack and design sidemenu in all screen and paste block.

Hi for all friends. I am to need really use sidemenu on my all screens. and i tried many option. I think is the best option use arrangement on screen1. i tried to add blocks on bagpack Surendra_Parihar and dosnt work it and give error really :frowning: