One signal notification not working!

I’m trying to send one signal notification to a single app installed on two devices.

I have an admin app that’s installed in one the devices, from where I send onesignal notifications.

The device which has both admin app and normal app installed, receives onesignal notification but the other device without the admin app, doesn’t receive anything. How do I fix it.

Have you set app key on another app?

Can you show your blocks? And you may try deleting your OneSignal component and putting it again

How do I set it up? Do I need to do it within the app?

There isn’t much to blocks, it’s simple.

But can you show the blocks? I could be able to find an issue

I can’t show you everything, but I will show you the notification sender block from admin app.

blocks (1)

I just found out what the problem is. My app on the other device isn’t subscribed to onesignal. How can I make the app subscribe to os.

I really don’t know but isn’t that automatic?

Set subscription to true



Although this did put my other device/app on one signal’s subscription, Im still not receiving notifications. Maybe I’m missing something else.

This will send a notification only to your admin device

How do I make it to send to all devices?

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Sorry, I don’t know a lot about OneSignal. Maybe you can send it using OneSignal’s website?

I tried sending via the website, it still doesn’t work. Maybe the problem is with the device. It’s a samsung J7 max.



Why does the website not work? That’s super weird. Did forget to fill this? :arrow_down:

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I found the real problem, my other device was at fault, I ran my app on an online android emulator, Google Pixel 3 and it worked just fine. My other device probably has issued related to notification. (Notifications were allowed on that device)

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