One signal Push Notification BUG

Hi Team,
Onesignal Push notifcations are not working…

I can see this error in onesignal dashboard…
I think this happened only after i published app to google play

First, make sure that these values are correct If not working , try another one

I had the same problem and everything was correct, but the problem still existed until I got tired of firebase and created a new account and created a new database and the notifications became fine.

But in creator i need app ID and i have correctly placed that.

And I would like to tell you that i have already tried creating a new fresh account with all values new…but its same

Do you have uploaded google-services.json file??
This might be the problem…

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Yes i have uploaded even i am using firebase authentication and that is not possible without google-services.json

I have checked it and its working for me… There might be the reason. Check

I didn’t get it…Can u plz tell me what is the reason…it’s still not working