One Time Password on email without Firebase for creating account and resetting the password

What is the name of your app?

Signup and Login with Email password verification with OTP

Describe your app:

These are the initial two screens for any applications where user sign up and sign in for an account. User must be given opportunity to reset the password by verifying the email address with One Time Password sent on registered email.

If anyone needs the working aia, let me know.


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)


I need the aia

If the developer wants to share his source file he would add it. Do not pressure him.

EDIT: And, as the dev said:

I suppose this means a PM.


Yes but I think at least the Play Store link can be given in public, can it not? Bc he says the


but the Download link is not.

I know it’s not good to share the .AIA in public, but at least the Download link could be given if there aren’t complications.

And for @rizu: You should PM him. Thx.


EDIT: Sorry if I am wrong and I do not wanted to

If I did, I am very sorry. I deleted the post.

Hi everyone, sorry for the missing info.

Pls visit this thread for test apk and aia.


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You said free??

No he didn’t say it’s free anywhere. Please stick to the truth.


I have updated my comment and saying it here as well.

Test apk and aia can be downloaded free from this thread.

did i have control with the registration email ??? as delete or suspend

Yeah you can have that control. When you login as admin, you will see your registered users for particular application.