Onesignal App ID , I can't add the ID ! What i do?


When i put App ID in Onesignal and i click on other thing , will delete the App ID
I tried on other browsers and the same problem appeared >
I have other applications has Onesignal App ID and working without problem .

  1. You have not searched at community.
  2. If you had searched first you already had the answer.
  3. What is the answer?
  4. Seach
  5. Or: You can only put onesignal at screen1 :robot:

Please see this guide:

Yes I know

It’s a joke, but as @Mika has said:

I can’t believe that in 2hrs of reading you haven’t seen a single related topic

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Search community first for your questions and
Add Push Notification App ID on Screen1.

I not search

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