OneSignal firebase and GPS geolocation push exclusion

Hello …Question is there any way to use OneSignal to send out push messages to users with in a radius and not to all users in list in kodular any help with planning this will help

simple eg… 5km limit
user 1 makes a change
user 2 is with in 3km of user 1 so push delivered
user 3 is with in 7km of user 1 No message
user 4 is with in 1km of user 1 so push delivered
user 1 can move in and out of different user radius and as they move the messages need to show only to the user in the 5km limit
so can user 2 post changes and it reflects only on users with in that users 5 km radius

i have a app that catches all users within 5km of current user location and displays only there info to the client but i want to add push notifications to the app

any help will be great Thank you in advance

Idea 1:
Create a Grid in 2,5km for 5km or maybe bigger. And create a Group for every Grid.
You can only create a few Groups in Onesignal so you can use this extension:

Idea 2:
Every Time you send a message you upload them on Firebase and on every User check if there in the radius. But the App have to be running or you do it with extensions.

thank you ill look into it see if that extension will work for me