Onesignal In App full screen Message

As onesignal added the in -app message system ,

I want to ask when kodular add this feature to send full in app notification to user using onesignal.

Kodular Has Added It


No its only the push notification , i am talking about in app messages

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@Mika Will this option be added?

Have you tried it already?


  • Open your app (let it open in the foreground)
  • Then send a message through the onesignal console

Then tell us the result what happens.

@Mika This workes , but i am trying to tell the other option.
The new option of InApp message of one signal

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I have already try this but didn’t get any full screen message or in app message.

Ya I am asking about this , when we can send full screen message in kodular, from that in app messsage system

Ya that works but particularly In-app messaging doesn’t

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it doesn’t work, i think development team at kudular should look this up because it’s a cool feature