OneSignal Not Working in kodular Please Help & solve it

How to use OneSignal in Kodular. I tried a lot but OneSignal is not working in Kodular and I try to test in other builders with same onesignal app id then I found that working immediately there.

So my question to the Kodular team is why are you charging 3.5usd every month if you can’t update all your old codes and problems. somehow we are paying our savings to make a great app on your platform but you are not working to improve all your components.

You are new to Kodular, I hesitate to say welcome, this bug is one of many neglected, don’t expect staff support because you won’t get it, to fix the bug you need to integrate this extension.

thanks for help now working one signal notification.

No, I am a very old user. I just want to say that only Kodular team should update all their components and API 31 and ad sdk and many more. And also the slider component to be compatible with Android 12. slider is crashing app in android 12.

Please report this in category #feedback:bugs
Here it will get overseen…


how did you fix? i am facing same issue :frowning:

What exactly are you talking about?