Onesignal smallicon

Hello community, I have seen several posts but I have not been able to change the onesignal push notifications icon.

Can You Elaborate the Question

If Your Asking That it is showing a square/circle icon Then Resize your Image Using

Icon - Generator

For one signal push notification you will have to upload a png icon with the dimensions 96x96.

But the problem is here :

Even if you did everything correctly, the icon may look like a white square/circle.

Reason by @pavi2410

The libraries used to read and write images may not support transparency.
The API which is used read and write images is the cause. As it’s a core Java API, it might take much time to find a solution and get it correct.

So what can we do

Use an APK Editor, decompile apk, replace ya.png in drawable with the desired icon, recompile and done.

If anyone needs a proper guide, just like this post. I will publish it ASAP.

@matias_estigarribia Can use

This to Resize