Online images list view are listed in random way

After two API calls I get two ordered lists: one contains images links and the other one contains titles. I would like to list these information in a list view. The problem is: titles are listed in order way, so first titles list index matches first list view item (and that’s okay), while images are listed in random way (and this is the problem). I suppose online images are listed based on uploaded time. How can I solve this problem and list all in order way?

These are the blocks I used:

Did you try to reorder the image list according to the title list?

Also what do you mean by that ?

Yap, but not works

Nothing special… I said it just to let you know how I get the two lists:sweat_smile:

So, were you able to sort the image list according to the title list?

title1. imageX
title2. imageY
title3. imageZ

index 1,2 and 3 respectively? That’s it ?

Yes, I’m able

I have find out the problem reason: I put a web get request inside a for loop and the requests overlap…:sob:

I solve it​:white_check_mark:
I put the get request outside the for loop and when I catch the request with “Get Text” I put another get request

That’s why we will always ask peoples to post blocks. With the help of image you have added won’t make others to solve. Actually the fact is, sometime users will think correct way and construct blocks also good but in they will misplaced or missed the logic. And that thing only happen to you but glad to here that you yourself solved. Good work

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