Online Music Player - Tutorial with Exo Player Premium Look

I have used three extension one is

  • KIO4 Gradient
  • Slider Tools
  • Phase

and I have used Exoplayer for Online music Playing which is fast and Compatible and Airtable as a Database !

So you can see on blocks

  • i have initialized the blocks to call the airtable colums according to categories !
  • when all categories are got then i have put them on variable according to its categories !
  • after that just make arragements visible and unvisible and made UI look some better !
  • at first arragement i have gave option to chose categories
  • in another i listed all the music on list view
  • and at last arragements i have made UI and use to play music UI

Thank You ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Demo Apk : musicapp.apk - Google Drive

Look Video how i made it !


Why not directly post the AIA file? I’m sure that some people won’t watch the video till end to get the AIA download link.

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Can you post some screenshots and post an apk test.

I will upload it too

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Well I deleted it.

But I still prefer uploading direct link instead of inserting the download link in the video. So people won’t need to watch video.

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We had this on the forum before. Just posting a video is not a guide. A guide is when you post the blocks and explain in detail how it works. You can also post the aia here. I understand you want to generate likes for your video.

I unlist this for now.


updated ! descriptions ! check out and list it

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