Only one SMS send for OTP on one number for one time in firebase authentication

Hey Guys,

I faced a problem or i can say, a error in firebase authentication.

when i log in for first time from mobile number… it send OTP by sms. But after first time login when i was tried to login again with same number, then it is not sending any otp for Second time. Means i got OTP when i login for first time but i want get otp on every time when i go to login by mobile number.

and another problem is with with OTP verification. How i can confirm otp verification and when it is verified i want to go to another screen. But on verify button click i can confirmed that otp is true but what about after that. Because by this block anyone can type wrong otp and can go in another screen.

I want to send user to another screen when otp is correct and also verified.

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Thanks in advance :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope this method is not possible with firebase authentication. Once the mobile number registered another time it wont send OTP. If you want you need to use any SMS gateway

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@EduLesson I have the same problem as you. Could you find a solution?

@EduLesson @Lagu6
Could any of you solve this problem?