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It looks wonderful! Good work mayuur!

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Thx @Xoma and Welcome back :smiley:

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These features are added in the latest update!


50+ Download Completed :smile: :partying_face:

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V 1.2 A Beta

Onyx Note’s beta update is available on the play store. If you are interested then enrol yourself as a beta tester now!

Update V 1.2A

● Changelogs

:white_check_mark: Custom colours for notes
:white_check_mark: Replaced default splash screen
:white_check_mark: Some tweaks in UI
:eyes: Some Issues fixed

Update the app and try it, also report bugs and suggestions are always welcome.

Onyx Note PROMO Video :grin:


UI not same why
Card view not Working

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Hi @Tech_Developer1

This design isn’t used in production app. I am still experimenting with neomorphic design.

Maybe you can expect this design in a upcoming update, still can’t confirm anything.

Should I implement Neomorphic Design in upcoming update.
  • Yes
  • No

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97 Download completed 3 more to go :grin:

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We have completed 100+ Downloads of Onyx Note

If you haven’t tried it, then check it out :blush:


Thanks everyone who voted in the poll, the majority is clearly towards yes. But I won’t be implementing Neomorphic Design in Upcoming updates.


I thought of it for a long time, as you can see the Design is good and eye catchy. But implementing the whole design idea into the app dosen’t seems a good decision. As it has its own limitations.

We habe to work with certain limits if we use this design. So by considering the future plans, I took this decision.

But that doesn’t mean Onyx Note won’t get a new look :cowboy_hat_face:

I am already started working on it, and today you will be seeing first look of Onyx Note 2.0

What’s new, Everything’s new

New Font
New Colour Scheme
New Icons
And more…


Quick update :cowboy_hat_face:

Onyx Note currently have 190+ downloads and 50+ active users.

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A very nice and simple application
But I think you should choose a more professional app icon. Anyway congratulations for this good application :tada::tada:

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Thanks @Abdo_Saad

Thx for suggestion, I will think on it.

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awesomeeeeeeeeee, good job!
keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Wooh hoo :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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If anyone haven’t tried yet, do try and leave a review :grin: