Onyx Note - Note taking made Easy | LOGYC Apps

Onyx Note - Note taking made Easy | LOGYC Apps


Onyx Note is the first App from LOGYC, which gives you a seamless experience of note-taking. Simple & Clean User Interface so anyone can use it without any hassle. A complete Ads-free Experience from LOGYC.

● Create/Edit Notes
● Add Images to Note
● Share Notes/Images
● Bin to recover deleted notes
● Local Backup Option Available
● Pinned Notes
● Word Count
● Image Count
● More Feature Coming soon…



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If you have any suggestions then let me know, also don’t forgot to report bugs :beetle: (if any)


A big thanks to :kodular:odular, without them it won’t be possible.


Plenty of people created apps like this. But you attempt in a new way. Nice one. :clap::clap::clap:

Adding images and recovering from bin are awesome ideas…

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The UI is amazing!

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Now I got the point… You were working on these…
BTW love it…

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Great app @Maayur

The title and body isn’t properly visible while selecting.

I think it should be note(s) :sweat_smile:

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I am getting this error when opening the Bin

Yep, this error has been reported by @The_K_Studio and it has been fixed. Pushing the update to Play Store ASAP.


Thanks for the Compliment, Glad you liked the app :slight_smile:

Thx :grin:
Also thx for developing a multiwindow mode detector extension for this project :slight_smile:

Thx :grin: :grin: :thumbsup:

Thx :grin:

I will fix it in next update

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Very Good UI. :clap:

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Awesome App :+1: :+1:
Some Suggestions :-

  1. Add A “Sort By” Feature
  2. Add Themes While Taking Notes
  3. Share A Note {
    1. Share Screenshot
    2. Share By Text ( Copies The Text To Clipboard )
  4. Font Options {
    Bold , Italic , Quoted, Bulleted , Numbered , Change Text Color , Add Some Fonts , Code Block , Increase/Decrease Font Size , etc…
  5. Auto Save
  6. Bookmark Option / Favourite
  7. Pin Option
  8. In Trash Bin , Add An Option To Delete All Notes That Are In Trash Bin ( Remove Them )
  9. When The User Opens App , Ask Them For Password ( User’s Choice )
  10. Different Folders For Notes {
    Ex. School Notes , Tuition Notes , etc…

Thx for the suggestion @D_Apps they are really helpful.

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Mini Patch Update 1.1

This issue has been fixed and a update has been pushed, update the app from play store :blush:

Thanks @The_K_Studio and @Chocoduba_BR for reporting the issue.

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The UI is really good.

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Thank you @deanart2012 :hugs:

Love the UI. Would like an delete all option in the bin section as suggested by @D_Apps.


Thanks for the tag! :smiley:
Loved testing this app. Good luck for your future app development journey…


Hey, Onyx Note got a new Home site. You must definitely chek it out :blush:

New Update coming soon :raised_hands:


Nice @Maayur , i like it

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Onyx Note’s next beta update will be available soon. If you are interested then enroll yourself as beta tester now !


P.S : The beta update is live on play store


:white_check_mark: Update V 1.1A

● Changelogs

:white_check_mark: Pin Notes feature added
:white_check_mark: Word/Image Count in note
:white_check_mark: New colour added for notes
:beetle: Fixed the colour issue when selected note
:mechanical_arm: Overall Performance Improved
:eyes: Some Issues fixed
:kodular: Reduced blocks