[Open Source] Notes : App to Keep and Edit Notes On the Go


A Simple and Clean App to Keep and Edit Notes on the go.

(I made it for DailyChallenge96, and those who want to know i Lost that :sweat_smile:)

Test .apk -

v1.5 Notes.apk (5.4 MB)

What's New

Minor :bug: Fixes
and improvements suggested by @Vaibhav, @themaayur and @Mohamed_Tamer

v1.1 - Added Auto Save.

v1.2 - Mapped Back Presses.

v1.3 - Added 2 Sort By Options :
a. Newest.
b. Oldest.

v1.4 - Added Long Click and Select Multiple items to Delete.

v1.5 - Added Search Option.


Mohamed_Tamer - Improved Search Feature.

  1. :kodular:

  2. @cedkim for the idea.

  3. @Vaibhav, @themaayur, and @Mohamed_Tamer for Pointing out the Bugs.

  4. @D_Apps for Suggesting a Lot of New Features.

.aia File -
Notes(1).aia (96.3 KB)


Take This

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Nice One, Keep it up :blush: I am happy that my guides are helping koders in community :hugs:


Grabbed it


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Good… what? :grin:


Got it Searching for the error.
Take the Temporary Patch - Good Evening.

Thanks for Reporting.

You Take This -

a very Prestigious Badge of Bug Hunter


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For you -

:heart: x :100:

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Thanks for this. Being a software tester, this my good old friend. I daily play with them(but not the real ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Also, the users might get confused while saving the note, as they have to first click the tick mark and then they have to click the cross fab to view the listing screen.

And no feedback is provided when the note is saved. This might create confusion

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i thought it this way -
tick saves it, keyboard hides and then he can view it and change / edit errors.
then fab to exit.

Forgot that.
Adding that now.

Thanks for that @ADDYLIN

And I must say @Vaibhav is a very perfect tester for apps/software he sometimes point outs small bugs, but they are imp by UX.


i will add Auto Save.
might that be ok for many users who are in Hurry.

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Also you can add a logic that whenever user clicks back button(in-app or from navigation panel) ,the note gets saved

And keeping a fab to save the note will also do the job.

One more bug found. Wait i will provide a small screen recording for this

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You can use On text changed event to auto save notes.

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rotation Problem.

Yes going with Same.

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Tried it
But i have issues in FAB visibility.
Thats not changing Accordingly.

i Tried with “Do it” but still don’t know what.

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Use Custom FAB Extension then. I am also using it.

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@ADDYLIN watch the yellow Fab that shows a cross mark instead of plus sign

Thanks @themaayur


Wonderful app!