[Open Source] Notes : App to Keep and Edit Notes On the Go


Sorry @Vaibhav for Disturbing,
i am Not able to Reproduce this Error.
it Greets me Evertime.

would you like to tell me
is that still happening or not.

Yes it’s still there. It’s related to size of card view I think :thinking:

And also the size of text

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i kept it Responsive by using Percentages.
Also Good and Morning / Afternoon / Evening are 2 Different Labels.

Whats your Screen Size.


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there’s no major Difference

is there Any Error with Clock.


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i Tried on a Smaller Screen Device there also it’s working.

can you try on a Different Device.

wait a little

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These are screen shot from Pixel 2, Asus zenfone selfie and the last one is from tab.All of them are Emulators

The result is same as mentioned

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Then my Friend.
My Apps :bug: don’t Like you.

You hunt them they take revenge from you.

in morning i will Hunt for Different Smartphones.

You can provide the aia if you want So that I can have a look

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after some more Tests.

Sorry to bother you,
But would you and my other fellow Koders will like to Share the Screenshots of the Home Page.

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Ok as you wish…

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As said earlier they are my good friend. But they are commonly found taking revenge from developers, as in this case :smile:

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About which bug are you talking about ?

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This :point_down:

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Ohh…it’s look fine in my device, I think so the issue maybe in the blocks.

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Poco F1
Redmi K20 pro
Redmi Note 6pro
Redmi 5A
Redmi Note 4
Mi A2
Mi A3 ( of Maayur )
Vivo V17
Vivo Y51s
Vivo V11
Vivo V9
Oppo Reno 2Z
Realme 6
Realme 5
Realme C3
Samsung A50
Samsung M30
Samsung S9
Samsung J2 Ace
OnePlus 5T
One Plus 3
One Plus 7pro

That much i was able to Arrange for the Test.
All working.

Can i know your Device Vaibhav

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You forgot me :pleading_face: I have Xiaomi MI A3

Are these your device :flushed:

Edit: :+1::+1::+1:

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