[Open Source] Paint Pot - My First App On The Play Store

What do you mean?:thinking:

Great for home remote learning. Can I kindly ask for the AIA please?

Good one!! I created this app as a learning phase when I first started AI2… good you made it out to the public.

Your pictures on playstore only show the drawing functions. I suggest you to add more screenshots there to make the app more attractive.


I also thought that.
I’ll Surelly work on that :smile:

how much do u earn?


How can the size of this app be so small …? 5 Mb

The empty project in Kodular becomes at least 7 Mb … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Please wait a day or two, AIA will be out SOON


Quite Suspicious.

Check My Notes App it’s of Only 5.4mb

[Open Source] Notes : App to Keep and Edit Notes On the Go


PaintPot.aia (48.8 KB)

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work on the app
UI, Navigation, try using a splash screen, and add more features.
The app is too plain

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

You may leave a review in the play store

And the next version is coming soon :wink:

That would also be #koded:opensource

Thanks for your review I will surely work on everything :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:



Just a sneak peek of the next version of paint pot :wink: :wink:

You may leave some feedback :relaxed:
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  • Excellent :relaxed:
  • Very bad :frowning:

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I dont know :slight_smile:

Nice app :+1:

Thank You, everyone, for all your appreciations
Remember that this is totally optional
If you like our apps then, please…

Donate something or leave a review in the play store

Every donation and review is greatly appreciated :relaxed:

I don’t know that if it’s ok in the community. If not ok then I will take down the link and delete the post

I am sharing a beta version of the version2 of Paint Pot(it is not out in play store)

Please download the apk and tell if you notice any bugs and features that you will like to see :smile:

Paint Pot.apk (6.7 MB)

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