Save and edit with Firebase?

I want to save the notes recorded by the users in the database with the mac address, how do I do? When the user edits the note, it should be edited in firebase, when the user deletes the note, I want the note to be deleted from the database, how can we do?

I want to edit on this application.

I want to send to firebase as follows.


Edit a tag value:
blocks (14)

Delete a tag:
blocks (13)

Use the block, if texts are changed use store FB tag

If texts are cleared use FB clear teg

hello can you show me how and where to add these commands?

Hi! I’m not with my computer right now, so I’m trying to explain the process. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Suppose I have a few tags in Firebase named Tag1, Tag2, Tag3 and so on…
Now if I want to edit the value of Tag3 on Button1 click, I just need to put that tag name on block 1 (above) and the values I want to replaced. Please note, the first block will store a new Tag if the given tag is not available in database. Else if it exists, it will edit the value of same.

And the second block will delete the given tag from database.

You can execute both of them on (different) button clicks.

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I guess I can’t do this job, there are tons of places and I don’t know what to add to which place :frowning:

Can you please post a screenshot of your database so I can create working example blocks for you?

I do not think it can be useful, the application is very complicated and I gave the link of the application resource above, it is very confusing, so I do not know where to add and what to do. :frowning:

I wish someone could integrate them into the application and share those blocks :persevere: