A simple Notepad app

Notepad app
It is a simple app where we can type and store our notes and the app is still in development.

Can some one say what features or help how you can develop the app.
like what colour combination can be used? or what design is better .

note.apk (5.5 MB)



please add some screenshots

Give Some More Information About Your App Like Screenshots.

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Screenshots added

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Nice work @Overall_General

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Thank you @luv.ak.tech

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please make improve your ui design in notepad and give some animation on that it look more attractive to people and use also alarm for timing when user added a note put a timing on that it help you to do this work on this time and lastly i want to say add some feature like theme , sound recognition and add some different font in it


A nice try @Overall_General

You can follow below suggestions if you want

  1. For the users opening your app for the first time, instead of a current simple text “Tap the add button to create a not”, add some illustration and a text ‘Clixj the add button to create a note’

  2. Decide a theme for your app(Google is your friend :wink: )

  3. Use of proper spacing and arranging the icon can make your app look good app aesthetically


Just a small suggestion, add a pre-made note that is there by default, the pre-made note should have all the instructions, so that the user can get instructions in the app itself.

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