New Notes Keeper app with colourful designs

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Notes Keeper

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This app is a notes keeper app, which will help to manage your daily tasks and reminder…
New colourful and dynamic carview design used…



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Can you share Aia File , Please

Nice app and ui but almost 99% phones have inbuilt notepad app, so people dont try such apps.

So Try something new and different.


You can added the fingerprints lock option

sorry aia is not available…

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after you click save it will take the correct time…the one showing there is set as default

will it be good to add fingerpring?

For extra security you can add this

Can’t that be removed in any way? it feels annoying when you see the last edit time even if you have not done any editing at that time.
(By removing I mean to say hide that time if I have not done any editing or show the actual last time when I have edited. If not edited, in the case when user have just installed the app, don’t show anything)
Also, I don’t know of others, but for me, ads in a note taking app feels a little bit weird

thank for the suggestion but the ads will only show when your are online, if your offline the add will not show, that way i have created it, Well also my hard work show get paid right, so i did it like that… and the other thing about the last edited time will look into the matter… but i think its not a big problem as soon as save it the last edited time and date will be saved and also when ever you edit the note it will do the same… Still thanks for the suggetion

The app is very good

Thank you for your support…

How can you add a high button like this

Read this:



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