Open another screen is not working

Welcome. Please read this:

And the community language is English, so please translate your post. Thx.

Trz to export in apk. Maybe it works then. btw, why do you say open another screen, do you also close the opened screen for switching back?


Thanks and sorry for writing in Spanish, I could already solve the problem of opening in another screen but I have a chaos in Design and Blocks, let’s say I have:
1- loading screen
2- menu
3- 1 game mode
4- 1 game mode

4 screens at the moment and everything on screen1, firstly it had 4 screens and so everything is more organized as I do in “appybuilder” but in “Kodular” it does not work, what I did was create “vertical layouts” as screens, I make them invisible and then I activate them with the buttons, I comment it in case this can help other users since it searches but I do not find information on this topic, I only find user problems and everything in English, when translating with Google many times change the whole meaning.

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