Open another screen is not working

Describe your issue

I got an issue in open another screen block it does not open another screen and crash my app.

Expected Behavior

I expected it will open another screen when I click on my Arrangements, Images, and Labels also.

Actual Behavior

it does not open another screen and crash my app.

Show your Blocks

Android version

I have tested it on Android 9.0, 6.0 and 5.0 also.

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Everything is totally fine with the Open another screen block. You should play around with the clock component to eliminate the issue.



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No bro I have checked it with the normal block it crashed my apps every time I am so confused .

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Make changes in your Block.

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Maybe he is making…:grinning:

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What changes bro

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I have changed my blocks :-

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It is not working properly can any one help me ?

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Create a simple .aia with 2 screens, 1 button on each to switch back and forth between screens. That way, you’ll better know if switching screens is working or not

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Sir, I fix my problem. It happens by Google Maps. I request to :kodular: Kodular Staff to Fix it fast I mean in new update.

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The thread is about opening another screen. Where does the map component fit here?? Please provide more info on your findings and the issue

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I found it when I remove the Google Maps Component from my another screen which I want to open then It will open my another screen correctly.

Note : It does not when you use Google Maps in their another screen which he/she want to open.

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I have the same problem, I am not using maps on another screen, any solution?

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@wellingtonvieira-22 can you put together a simple .aia to show the issue?

yeah wait for some time I will do it
Thanks !

If I create a simple aia without many features the error does not occur.

From screen 2 with a side menu with an option to open screen 3 the error occurs and the app closes. from screen 2 to screen 1 opens normally, if I disable all blocks from screen 3 opens normally,
from screen 1 to open screen 3 error occurs, screen 1 has no side menu.

the blocks of screen 3

You have multiple sliders



no possible

I am on Screen1 now. Trying to open another screen named “Main”.
Nothing happens. Block is not working. Please help.


Yo tengo un problema muy parecido cuando abre otra ventana se bloquea y el teléfono se vuelve loco, no puedo salir de la aplicación ni pulsar ninguna tecla, como si fuese un virus, lo raro es que en el test con el companion instalado funciona correctamente, yo vengo de appybuilder y ya que no me compila allí ninguna aplicación, probé haciéndola Aquí que están asociados no? Lo raro es que intente otra anterior y no me compila parece ser que hay un error en la aplicación o son demasiados errores de kodular?