Open app through link

Hey all i want to open my app through links so can anyone tell me that how can i do this

did you try anything, ?

show some of your work so i can understand what is the problem…

No i didn’t but just want to know that how can i do’s like when you click play store’s app link in mobile and play store open so i want to do something like that

use if else condition and check if the clicked link contains the text from the your link. if yes then open playstore app using activity starter or use chrome custom tabs.

He is talking about deep links.
I don’t think that Kodular supports deep link implementation yet.

bro i think you didn’t understand what i mean to say. i want to open my app through website

and where do you open website, in kodular made application or any regular browser.

in kodular made application, its possible,

regular application - not possible

Bro you should read this Open app through link i want to open my app by clicking a link

i think it’s called deep link

as i already said in my above comment. its not possible

but i wan[quote=“techcvr, post:7, topic:33290”]
in kodular made application, its possible

i want to open in kodular made app

Look at this:

If it’s from play store…simple solution is:

  1. Drop activity starter
  2. Set action to: android.intent.action.VIEW
  3. Set Data.URI to:[Your_App_PackageName]
  4. Start Activity.

He doesn’t want to show his app page on Play Store.

What he wants is Deep Link capability to open links in his app; this is not yet available on Kodular.


Thank you plantdoc2018