Open data already saved before(offline) which list view with image loaded then when we click on any list item Which i had already click before

Hello coders,
I creating an app in Which when list view with image loaded then, If we select any item Which we had selected before(check through tinydb) then change the value of open another screen with start value.
If it is not selected before then i want set only one same No. In all list items.

Here are the Images

I created this but it have a mistake I Don’t know what is problem But please explain me


Neither will anyone else until you post the relevant blocks.

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Ok thanks and please check it again

The best answer will be, Please Click Do It on each component to make sure your work flow. Else use notifier or label to catch the value before sending to another screen , there by you can confirm

You mean dynamic component

No, i mean Debug

First make sure with tinydb list… then try to debug on each variable

See how to use Do it to debug your blocks

Thanks this is working

This is what insisted in the earlier post. Click on Do it

Soorry but that i Don’t understand he reply with gif so I got understand

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