Need help with logic

Let me explain the situation,

  1. When app opened for first time, there will be a label1 with 00.00 in it, and 2 buttons Button1(plus) and Button2(minus),
  2. when I press Button1(plus), textbox1(only numbers) and Button3(OK) are made visible,and when you click Button3(OK) after entering the value into textbox1, The number will be displayed in lable1 and stored in TinyDB(Maybe).
  3. when you click Button1(plus) again same process repeats and this time new value will be added to previously stored value(and displayed in lable1 and stored in TinyDB).
  4. If I close my app and reopened it again, lable1 should be showing the last updated value.
    please any one help me with logic

Call value from TinyDB

Store value in a TAG, and the read that value. Yo can use any database

Duplicate thread.