I want a save button

hello guys
i want a save button in my app
like my app have 2 text box
1 text box for name
2 text box for phone number
and 1 button name as save
when user change name and phone number click on save the name and phone number should be safe i do not need database or data
when user close app data should be save
and when re open the app name and phone number shjould be show

please tell me how to make save button in my app
please any one help me :frowning: :dizzy_face: :thinking: :grinning:

Are you e beginner??

You can try with tinyDB
Drag tinyDB to your project. When user hit save button, use the block Save tinyDB1 tag(choose any name) value - make a list text box 1 text & text box2 text

In the screen initialise block you can use get tinyDB tag(name same should be) value (keep empty text box) in anything.

For more info

Tiny DB - Kodular Docs

TinyDB YouTube Tutorial - Me

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hmm yes i am beginner :sweat_smile:

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Glad to help you.

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