TinyDB YouTube Tutorial - Me

Go through my channel… And goto my latest upload! YouTube



Low quality issue.

BTW, great effort. Make more tutorials like this.



Thank you… I did warn about the quality in the comments and I also just changed the thumbnail!


Yup, this thumbnail is looking good.

Quality doesn’t matter if your content is good but there would be difficulty for newbies to understand each block. They would have to see like this :flushed:

Hope you understand it better :grinning:.

Good luck for next :+1::heart_eyes:

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Well I mean they can find the block by color but, thanks for the suggestion! I will try to figure out the problem because, I rendered it in 1080p but, it came out as 360p… I was aware of this issue already but, I didn’t wanna make another 14 minute video.

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And thank you for the good luck because, I will now be continuing the Makeroid Tutorials, unfortunately I will not be making any for AI for Thunkable! Since Makeroid has alot more features and is the latest!


Yeah, Makeroid’s interface is far better than any other. I don’t like those classic interfaces like in :appinventor:, :appybuilder: and :thunkable:.
And also Makeroid has more events and more functionality of every component. That means a lot of customization. And i love customizations. :heart_eyes:

:heart: for :makeroid:


Yeah and that’s why I used it… plus they can transfer their AIA here with no problem.

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Ok @hammerhai, time for some sleep.

Its 2:57 AM here and i’m on :makeroid:

Oh it’s 5 PM EST where I am!

And I never heard from him again kids.

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The video is unavailable.

It was taken down.

Can you re post it somewhere else?

In terms of inventory system, which is best, tinydb or sqlite?

I’m not smart