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Hey guys

I have a button inside the dynamic component, which when clicked will open a link in an internet browser.
This link returns from a database (google spreadsheet).

But when I click on the button it opens all the links. But I would like it to open only the link corresponding to the dynamic component.

Where am I wrong?

I was too hasty, sorry

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As said by boban

  1. Remove for each number block
  2. And in the index use number between 1 and length of the list
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I’ve tried it this way, but it gives an error.


You must get index of the clicked dynamic component(button) and it will act as index number.

If not an issue, show us your dynamic component procedure block


cool… i’ll try

When any button click

  1. If the component Isdynamic
    Use one local variable
    Initialise local varible to replace the text (get I’d of the component ) segment (button) replace (empty text box)

So now this local variable will hold the Index number of the dynamic button which you clicked , and use this variable in the index place of the select list item list (get global link)

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Would it be this?



Or this?

I Mean like this, this block will give you the index of the button you clicked

That segment must match with you what you have input for button while setting ID


Is this related to White screen when I click back button (Dynamic Components) - #4 by dora_paz ?

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Legal. I’ll test it and come back later to let you know if it worked. I will need it now…
Thank you for your help
@Boban @Still-learning

No @dora_paz it’s another screen now. :blush:

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But approach is the same since you are using dynamic components. Once you got the index you can do whatever you need. You should have learned from previous example


Yes it’s the same principle.

You are right, I will check and study this example further:


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