Open google drive app using Activity Starter

Hi developers, i have any question about how my app open google Drive whit a button, i try this but the system give’me that error 601 error 601 no corresponding activity was found


how to find out the correct properties for the activity starter see the following document Using the Activity Starter, chapter “Discovering how to set the ActivityStarter properties”


The Problem is in your Action & Activity class.

Activity Class =

If this works then please mark this as solution as it will help others.

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Open drive


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Hello, thanks for answering, when i try this in the app give’me a error 601 no corresponding activity was found

thanks it worked!! you know the activity package and activity class of adobe acrobat ?

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Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
ActivityClass: com.adobe.reader.AdobeReader
ActivityPackage: com.adobe.reader


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