Open HTML File Using Coin Tree List View

Hello Everyone How To Open Html Files For Using Coin Tree List View Extension
Condition : On ElementClick Open Other Screen And Open Html File
Html File Added In Screen1 And Open Screen2 How?
Please Help Me

You will have the html file in assets? Or is it a web page?

I have HTML file in asset

how many file in asset folder

Something 50 files

show your list view

which element used to open html file,
just like image, element, extra button

I have Using Element

share block and list view image or apk

now i will do connect my app into airtable

blocks (8)
i want to show the html files to Screen 9 from airtable

It is not yet possible to download an airtable file with the spreadsheet component

used other storage option like google drive or fire base storage

But I am not downloading any Html file here, but I want to open Html file from here on webviwer

but airtabel give download option