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During live test, the app is performing good. But after exporting and installing it on devices (I tested on 3 devices), the app shows an unsual animation while opening the app, and even on second screen.My app has 3 screens. When app starts, a png image, which I used on splashscreen, covers the whole screen resulting in bad UI. The same bad animation occurs at all the 3 screens.
I thought it may be due to open screen animation set to default. So later, I changed the open screen animation to none, but the problem is same.

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I am attaching the app aia and apk below. Please test it.
Screen.aia (306.4 KB)
Screen.apk (4.9 MB)

Expected Behaviour:

Please tell me where I’m missing the blocks or doing wrong.

Actual Behaviour:

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Show Blocks as image (optional)

Remove the splash image.
I think this is in your case the problem.

But that’s happening on all screens, in my other apps also. And in this app Splash Screen is must for this app we have planned

Yes because I think your app is huge.
Then the splash is loaded on every new load of a screen.
And if you use more screens then you will see it more times.

Btw: You don’t need more then one screen for a app.
Play arround with layouts and make them visible/ invisible.

Is there some other way, to reduce ram consumption?

The app I sent you, was just the demo .aia My original app is much more huge as it is a schools management system. And I have used 3 layouts at one screen
(1st Screen - Splash Screen
2nd Screen - Login
3rd Screen - Home {with sidebar and 3 layouts}
4th, 5th, etc. Screen will also have sidebar)
I have planned 12+ features in my app, and all Vertical Layouts cannot be loaded on 3rd Screen(Home), as the app will crash on going to 3rd screen because it will become very heavy. So, I planned to use 3-4 layouts in one screen (excluding Splash Screen and Login Screen) and completely design my app in 5-6 screens. That’s my Project.
This annoying UI will result in bad review. Please help me out.
Thanks in advance.

@Mark_Daniel use just 1 screen and do layout there and do true/false much more efficent

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See this

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