Open screen when click on onesignal notification

Hello everyone !
I want to know if It’s possible to make that when an user click a notification for a Friend request, it make him go to the Friends screen.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes simple when received notification then check if it contains a word friend request then redirect user to open friend request screen

Not Possible Yet. Because Kodular Apps Not Works In Background.

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Anyone else ?

I think I’ve found the solution. image
Just using “Notification opened” with the push notification component

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Update: It’s not working :confused:

Follow what i mentioned above

But how? Please explain better :sweat_smile:

That’s how he quoted … @Zia_Choudhary

Will notifications always be requested by friends?
If true, when clicking on the notification, open the other screen
If false, check the notification type: if the notification is of the friend request type, open the other screen.

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Yes but it means the app needs to run in background ?

And don’t forget to read this:

This means that by not running in the background (yet), you will have to refresh the bank where the notifications are from time to time … so that all notifications are always shown, without delays …

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I use onesignal and I think I found a solution.
For every pepole who want to do something like me :

  • On onesignal, don’t change any parameters.
  • On app start, check your database if user received an invite (for exemple in TinyWebDB check the variable “username_invitereceived” and if it returns 1, then redirect user to the screen or execute given actions. (You must make the user who invited the person to add a tag to the database)
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