Open source to my app

When I showed someone the app I built … he asked to see the source code to see that I did not enter viruses or things that could pull from the cell phone things he does not want to be revealed … there may be an option to upload the app (or the abb file to get the source code of the app ?) (I ask here because I do not want to reveal to him that I built it in the system … I want him to think that I am the one who wrote the app …)

Sorry for my weak English

Than don’t show the app to those who wants source code of the app. It toxic mindset.
And if they asked again than show them decompiled source code and they lost thier mind :joy:
You can decompile the app by this APK decompiler - decompile Android .apk ✓ ONLINE ✓

Again I say don’t show them any type of proof :wink:

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