Open specific folder on File manager

i want to open specific folder on file managar
because i download file on seperate folder

set path to that folder, like file:///mnt/sdcard/Makeroid/assets/

this path leads to assets folder of kodular companion, for download folder set it to,

I have file path
I want when I click on button
Open file manager with this path

how you will open a file manager? using any extension or component.

That’s what i want to know

you cant control file manager of phone with your app, (this is just my thinking, maybe i am wrong) but lets see if anyone knows how to…

maybe this extension can help, try it

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Ok I will try this

this extention is not downloadig

looks like app is removed, so we can only ask him to give link for extension.

See here:

He acutally wants to open device’s default file manager.


What I know of It’s not doable

Not at all


With file extensions, you are able to list the files and folders of an accessible directory within your app.