Open StreetMap reloading tiles issue

I made a Radio direction finding app in MIT app Inventor, using the Map component and it shows unpredictable and sometimes very high data consumption due to frequent reload of map tiles.
This phenomenon depends on the map location and zoom level, and can sometimes burn 1Gb of data in just an hour time.
So I made a short test-app that only displays a map and two buttons to zoom in and zoom out, to prove my point.
They recognised there’s a problem in the Map component but nothing happens to cure it.
So I built the same test-app in Appybuilder and unfortunately it shows exactly the same issue.

Is there anything Appybuilder can do to solve this issue?
It would give Appybuilder a big advantage over MIT App Inventor, because no-one will be happy if his monthly data budget is burned in just a few hours of use…


Welcome to the community. You mentioned

Are you using offline version of AppyBuilder ? Because AppyBuilder was merged with Kodular two years ago. Please provide more info and post a screenshot of your blocks. Also since this is your first topic please have a look at

datatest (1).aia (1.7 KB)

This is the small test app I built and installed on my Android phone.
I used the online version to build it.
When I monitor (in real time) the data usage of the phone I can find Map settings (area + zoom level) where a datastream of >500KB per second is being consumed.

This is similar to the behavior of the same test-app I built on MIT Appinventor.

So I’m afraid the issue is in the Openstreetmap Map component itself.